SQM is the development and project management division of Australian Childcare Projects. At SQM we are proud of our enviable building reputation through Australia and are continuing that tradition focused heavily on delivering childcare development services to affiliate Petit Early Learning Journey and Master & Miss Early Leaning Academy.

We are passionate about completing great projects and providing mutually rewarding development services and building experiences.

At SQM, we take great pride in the excellence of our work - our drive for distinction includes the process not just the outcome. Decades of experience and successful projects ranging from $2M to $25M, demonstrate our capability for all to see. But off the work site, we also strive to give our clients peace of mind.

Our hand picked project teams best suit the front end work and our project leaders are specialists who know how to listen and communicate to ensure back end delivery on time and within budget. Our risk management processes remove problems before they appear and safety is always at the forefront of an SQM project.

We pride ourselves on being a successful privately-owned company with integrity woven into the fabric of the group and applied in everything we do.